Sunday, 6 March 2011


Have no fear when thine spear is near,
but be gracious and sincere,
heart to heart, eye to eye, and ear to ear,
and never veer to the rear.

Be a warrior on the frontier,
defend what is dear, and confront here,
turning only when all is clear,
shake hands in triumph and cheer.


Quirina Roode-Gutzmer

November 2009


  1. Brave, direct and to the point. I like it!

  2. A lovely and uplifting poem. Respect indeed.

    I love your extensive use of rhyme with near, to manage that on every line in a meaningful way is an achievement in itself.

    Beautiful :)

  3. A good and helpful poem; good, tough truth. "Only when all is clear;" this is a savvy bit of advice to the warrior, perhaps resigning him to battle forever(For when is all clear, but for flashes?) Though all warrior's hearts are clay in sinewy guise, attempts at vital heroics make life worth living.

  4. Such a beautiful poem. I love it!